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Conjax construction is one of the prominent Gold Coast luxury home builders. We provide a comprehensive construction project for your dream home. We work closely with clients at every stage of the construction process. Client satisfaction is what we focus on. We provide you with outstanding building experience built on the latest trends and open communication.

Our client-oriented approach allows us to tailor effective solutions that fall in line with your lifestyle needs. When you build your new home, it means starting an exciting adventure. We ensure an enjoyable and smooth period during the construction. The result is a home with a luxurious lifestyle

How we work

So, are you are ready to build your luxury dream house? If so, get in touch with us and schedule an on-site consultation free of cost. Our team will evaluate your property and provide a quote. Gold Coast luxury house builders are passionate about building your dream luxury house.

Initial survey

gold coast luxury home builders

During this period, we visualize your ultimate dream house. Every detail you provide us helps us to make your dream a reality. Also, don’t ever rush into unnecessary things. Building luxury custom homes is an important decision that people makes in their life. So, take up much time you need.

Our skilled team is there to guide you throughout the procedure by providing precious advice. The initial consultation is all about discovering your lifestyle requirements. So, prepare yourself with everything you need.

Site evaluation

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Inspecting the site for your new luxury home construction is another important step. It allows the team to have a clear understanding of the land and utilize it properly. By gauging your land, we determine the orientation of your home. That way, it gives you the best gold views.

Also, it helps in determining the direction of sunlight, which is important during the summer months. Your property might contain sloping blocks, subdivided lots, or anything awkward. But our experts guarantee you of providing an amazing luxury filled with fantastic looks and fabulous views.

The concept

gold coast luxury house builders

After the team evaluates your property and a rough design of your dream house, a special architectural software comes to play. It gives you a virtual tour of the property. In short, it gives you a visual display of what your new house might look like.

This is the time when you would be presented with an estimate for the project. When you approve of the concept designs, you might need to sign an official contract. After that, the team will start the process of making your dream a reality.


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After your property has been cleared of obstructions, the construction process for your new luxury home begins. We take a due care to ensure that you witness how your house is getting built. So, you can meet our team regularly and discuss the progress.

Handing over

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When we complete your dream project, we hand over the keys to your new luxury home. We provide you with all the important documents involved during the construction process. Also, we schedule a specific date where you need to come and inspect your property.

Why choose Conjax construction - Luxury Builders Gold Coast

Stress-Free Building Process

Stay updated with the latest happenings on your property. Watch your new home built from scratch. Get in touch with the contractors to see everything works right.

Luxury Custom Homes

Choose from the latest designs and features that you might add to your new home. That way, it suits your needs and lifestyle. Our team ensures to build on your design and meet your expectations.

A Highly Motivated Team of Professionals

Conjax Luxury Builders Gold Coast works hard to deliver top-notch luxury homes within due time. The team consists of trained and experienced workers that guarantee superior workmanship. They are open to new ideas about construction from your end as well.

Guaranteed Handover Date

Upon contract signing, we issue you with a complete job schedule along with a guaranteed completion date. As such, it allows you to plan your move accordingly well in advance.

Focus Consumer Support

As a new luxury home builder, communication is one of our greatest strengths. We communicate with our valued clients throughout the project. Also, we take due notice about the suggestions or feedback from our clients and implement the same to make things work better.

About us

Conjax Construction Gold Coast luxury home builders guarantees to deliver you the highest quality luxury home you can ever find elsewhere. We have rich expertise in providing you with amazing new luxury homes with all the necessary amenities.

When you contact our office, you would be speaking to a local who has a deep understanding of the area. We take pride in our work and make sure that the job is completed to perfection throughout the whole procedure.

At Conjax Construction, we provide transparency in all aspects from budgeting to meeting scheduled timeframes. In short, we provide good project management throughout the process. We aim to work on your expectations and make them come true.

So, are you planning for your dream home, or just having an idea about it? Whatever be it, we would love to hear from you. And, allow us to make your dreams a reality.

Contact us today and get a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. After signing the agreement, will there be a difference in pricing?

The pricing might change if there is structural damage by moisture or termites and not visible with the naked eye.

2. Can I visit the site during construction?

You can inspect the site at any time. However, ask for the site supervisor before you enter for safety purposes.

3. What’s the best luxury home design for me?

There are many aspects to it. To get a better understanding, consult our architect.

4. Can I build a luxury house on a sloping block?

The answer to this question is yes. Our experts can build luxury custom homes even on sloping blocks. We can construct a luxury house on a sloping block with proper stability and drainage without compromising on the views.