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Building your dream duplex is not about making a big investment but a smarter one. With the best duplex builders Gold Coast, you get specialists that work effectively to get the most out of your property. At Conjax Construction, we partner with you to understand your dream and find the best solution for your home.

We have wealth of knowledge and expertise in building specialized homes. It means you can have safe pair of hands ready to help you reach your goal. We have a variety of duplex plans depending on your needs. Everyone loves to work with success-oriented land developers that can build great projects. At Conjax Construction, we deliver the same.

Advantages of Having a Duplex

The overall duplex build Gold Coast is affordable and the perks of the investment are many. When you build a duplex home, it accompanies several benefits.


It is a crucial factor everyone worries about. Duplex homes have large spaces. And, you can divide them into smaller sections. As such, the privacy with surrounding people tends to increase.


Duplex are luxury homes that are not so expensive you might think. Most of the duplex homes have attractive prices.

Large spaces

Duplex homes have more living space compared to normal flats. Also, they have large yards, gardens, and garages. That way, it gives you a spacious feeling.

Accommodates two families

Because it consists of two buildings, it can accommodate two families with ease. As such, the two families stay close to each other without interfering with other’s privacy.

Additional income source

Duplex homes have two separate spaces on each floor. So, you can give rent out one section if you want. If the building has a mortgage, the rent could be used to pay off the mortgage.

Reduce your insurance coverage

You can give rent to one section and reduce your insurance cover. Instead of two spaces, you can take insurance coverage for a single one.

Preferable to ordinary flats

Duplex attracts home buyers compared to normal flats and traditional houses. If you have made up your mind to sell another section, there won’t be issues.

Is a Duplex Suitable for my Property?

There are lots of good reasons for you to build a duplex. However, there are a few considerations you have to take into account before making the decision.

Different council regulations – There are certain speculations about your land that you need to take care of. The plot of land should have a wider space than the minimum requirement. That way, it can satisfy the duplex zoning laws and regulations.

Proper drainage system – A good drainage system ensures that the conjoined properties on a single piece of land do not create any kind of stormwater or drainage issues. And, you have to prove that.

Every local council has diverse duplex home guidelines available for the public. So, you can view them thoroughly and determine whether your piece of land might be suitable for construction.

Why choose Conjax Construction

Get the most out of your investment by choosing Conjax Construction for your duplex to build Gold Coast. We understand your requirements and give you the right solution for your land. Because we have lots of experience in building a duplex, we provide as much assistance as we can to create a successful project.

Our success relies on your success of having a dream duplex home. Also, we would like to have you as an amazing client for the rest of your life. That way, it helps to grow our portfolio as well. Here are some benefits of working with us.

Take the pressure off – After we take the responsibility of fulfilling your dream, you can relax without worrying about the process. Our team handles all the necessary work required to get the job done. This includes council, regulations, and permits requirements.

Work with the experts – At Conjax Construction, we are not just selling you a duplex. You are teaming with the best workers to get better results for your block. Nothing is kept confidential during the construction and you can have access to them whenever you want.

Intuitive custom designs – You want every detail in your duplex like the way you have imagined in your mind. And, we take proper care to make duplex design gold coast realty. That’s why we have great technicians that help you out on it. You can fully personalize your floorplan to suit your specific needs better. We know what tenants and buyers want from a duplex. So, we ensure that your investment goes fertile.

Investment-driven initiatives – There is no doubt that our extensive knowledge about building duplex would benefit you. Interact with our experts and learn about many things. Our primary goal is to maximize the return on your investment.

Enjoyable experience – Having your dream duplex built for you is our primary goal. At Conjax Construction, we ensure everything gets done with professionalism and transparency. From the initial consultation to delivering keys to your new residence, we give you long-lasting memories.

How we work

Initial consultation

duplex builders gold coast

During this period, we discuss the internal layout of the duplex, overall size, and the types of rooms. Also, we discuss the budget and advise you in different ways to make your investment worthwhile. Important dates, requirements, timelines, and the building process are crucial factors and need attention.


duplex design gold coast

Our architect drafts the floorplan along with interior designs according to your plan. Moreover, there is a comprehensive selection of high-quality decor that you can choose from. After you decide on the right interior and layout, we compile a cost summary based on the options.

Approval and construction

duplex design gold coast

After you are satisfied with both the exterior and interior design, you need to approve and sign the contract documents. Now, your duplex is officially underway. We keep you updated regarding the building progress.

The handover

duplex builders gold coast - handover

When the duplex is ready, you are invited to our office to complete the handover process. Moreover, you receive all the necessary building documents along with the key to your new duplex home.